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Parking Tiles

RayKa’s Ceramic Parking Tiles are outstanding and strong as we manufacture tiles considering the latest use cases. We offer stellar designs and robust bodies durable enough to resist heavy traffic in your parking space.

We are the leading Parking tiles manufacturer in India, providing resilient tiles with aesthetic appeal. Our prices are affordable without compromising on quality and durability. Whether you want parking tiles for your home or your commercial space, we can provide you with enthralling designs and innovative works. Our parking tiles can be installed for various places in your living space like garden areas, driveways, parking lots, garage flooring, public parks, balconies, patios, walkways, and outdoor kitchens.

Types of Parking Tiles

RayKa’s Ceramic provides the below types of parking tiles that can meet your custom requirements:

Indoor Outdoor Parking Tiles

Indoor tiles are more aesthetically pleasing, whereas outdoor tiles are a little more sturdy because of weather conditions. For outdoor parking purposes, full-body vitrified tiles are a good option. They are made from granite, limestone, and quartzite. Indoor tiles used for commercial parking lots are cheaper with custom skid resistance for slopes. Glazed vitrified tiles and double-charged vitrified tiles are suitable for low-traffic areas like home parking lots.

Full Body Vitrified Tiles

They are best for outdoor and high-traffic areas such as pavement and parking. With the vitrification process, the tiles become less porous and get a uniform and scratch-resistant body structure. They are slip-resistant, can be installed easily, and need low maintenance.

Natural Material & Manufactured Parking Tiles

Natural tiles are made from quartzite and granite and have an appealing look. They have high durability and can withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions. They are a bit more expensive and require time and expert labor. 

Manufacturing tiles are easily available, are less expensive, have a range of designs, and can be installed quickly due to pre-cut sizes. Moreover, these tiles are stain-resistant and need less maintenance. So they are cost-effective in the long run.

Top Features of RayKa’s Parking Tiles

Parking Tiles need to be manufactured separately and therefore it is advisable to choose these tiles wisely, as you would not want them to damage quickly. We provide the below features in our full-body parking tiles:

  • Robust material strength with the ability to withstand load. Comes with a hard surface that can put up with changing temperatures.
  • Anti-skid parking tiles
  • Use of specific materials meant for outdoor parking tiles
  • Numerous varieties and patterns are available
  • Stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and can be washed easily.
  • Available at affordable prices.

RayKa’s Ceramic is the best parking tiles supplier in Morbi and we are known for providing the best range of colors in parking tiles. From brown tiles for retaining dust to grey tiles for bringing appeal, we have the best parking tiles in India. 

We provide top-quality products and help our clients select the most appropriate tiles that match their choices and needs. From type to size of tiles, our team of experts cares and strives to provide premium products. Get in touch with the best parking tiles manufacturer in Morbi today! Choose RayKa’s Ceramic.