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Digital Floor Tiles

Get everlasting shine on your home surface with RayKa’s Ceramic distinctive Digital Floor Tiles. We are the best Digital Floor Tiles Manufacturer in India, offering the widest range of luxurious floor tiles. Our products have exceptional designs created with technological prowess and deep research. 

At RayKa’s Ceramic, we use the latest technologies to ensure you get the best quality product and complete satisfaction. We are digital floor tiles Supplier for residential complexes like flats, individual houses, bungalows, and commercial buildings. From kitchen, living room, or bathroom to office rooms and board rooms, our Digital Floor tiles can fulfill your basic needs without compromising on top quality standards.

Types of Digital Floor Tiles

We are the most versatile Digital Floor tiles manufacturer in Morbi provide the below range of Digital Floor tiles for your living space.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles(GVT) are made of vitrified material with a glazed surface and can be found in different digital varieties. These tiles can superimpose any type of design on it.

Nano-polished Vitrified Tiles have clear and polished surfaces. The nanopores on the tiles absorb liquid silica when it is put over the tiles.

Double-charged tiles are thick tiles, perfectly fit for places having heavy foot traffic. These types of tiles are chosen more for commercial and office spaces.

Full Body Vitrified Tiles are thicker than all the above tiles. They are highly durable and have colorful design options, making them the most ideal option for restaurants and malls. 

Why Choose Digital Floor Tiles For Your Living Space?

  • Digital Floor tiles are the best option if you want to revamp your flooring area of the living room, parking floor, kitchen floor, bathroom floor, porch, stairs, and yards. 
  • They are the only ceramic tiles that undergo a process called vitrification, making the tiles low absorbents, less than 0.5%
  • These tiles retain the shine and glaze for a longer time.
  • Each of our digital glazed floor tiles is OEM manufactured and we use the finest techniques and printing methodologies.
  • There are an array of styles and designs that can look beautiful and aesthetic for your interior decor. 
  • The tiles can be customized to give them a unique and personalized touch.
  • They are highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, abrasion, and moisture.
  • They are stain-resistant and long-lasting and just need regular cleaning with mild detergents.
  • The installation process is straightforward, saving on lot of labor costs.
  • Due to its vitrification process, the tiles are less prone to fading from sunlight exposure.

Get Stunning Digital Floor Tiles From RayKa’s Ceramic

If you are looking for tiles that can become an extension of what you believe and what your space talks about, choose Digital Floor Tiles from RayKa’s Ceramic. We are the most trustworthy Digital Floor Tiles manufacturer in India and provide innovative tile designs that can fulfill all your needs. Our tiles are not only visually beautiful and radiant but are also highly dependable and durable. You can buy them for your office, restaurant, hotel, or retail spaces. We provide numerous conceptual designs as we believe your tiles should reveal your business personality and motto. 

We have the best team of in-house researchers and designers who diligently update the collection with the best arrangements that will fit according to your necessities and prerequisites. If you are looking to augment the visual appeal of your living space, want to reduce long-term maintenance costs, or have decided to go for an eco-friendly option, RayKa’s Ceramic is the best choice for buying digital floor tiles.